LineageOS gets 500,000 active installs (OnePlus One leading)

After departing its way from Cyanogen Inc, LineageOS, a community driven arm of CM based ROMs has started getting theĀ attention it deserves. CyanogenMod was once so popular that it had about 10 million active installs at one point. The official numbers from LineageOS indicate that there are about 530,000 active installs with OnePlus One leading at 40,000 installs. This may seem a lot smaller compared to the 10 million installs CM had, but it’s an achievement that should be cherished for a while.

LineageOS - Active Installs Statistics

As per these statistics, the second in line is Redmi Note 3 with about 22000 installs which are followed by OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Since Lineage OS has taken up what has been left by Cyanogen Mod, it is expected to grow visibly strong in the coming months. I believe plenty of users that have installed Lineage OS would be those migrating from Cyanogen Mod Rom.

We wish them good luck and pledge to provide our support. We expect to publish numerous articles on installing this custom ROM on your device and getting started tutorials.

source – lineageOS statistics

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