Is Samsung Galaxy S4 Really The Best Smartphone Ever?

How do you rate the most anticipated or the most talked about phone or rather the most hyped phone of the year? Is the best smartphone we have till date yet? That’s what Samsung had to ask itself after the Samsung Galaxy S3 became worldwide success. Samsung hit a out of the park – Gaylestorm with the S3, and so everyone expected S4 to scale a level up.

First Look Notion

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is too much like its predecessor in that it ideally cannot be a hit. Neither, it’s like the Iphone version updates – from 4S to 5. Hence, the first look of the phone might not appeal to you that much.

To the matter of the fact, it’s not a completely different product as the next most hyped phone – The HTC ONE! But, The Samsung Galaxy S4 was barefacedly kept very safe in the market. And if you are really a great fan of Samsung’s latest, you wouldn’t really want the latest product to look like similar looking products in the market. (Like Grand, S3, Mega etc). Each of them carries the same DNA and build style.

We take a closer look at what separates the latest Galaxy from the rest of the crowd.

No wonder people would have expected Samsung to move on their philosophy that gives you a product like, Galaxy 2 + 1 = Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S Advance or Galaxy S3 – 1 = Galaxy S3 Mini. Many of us would have anticipated similar from the factory of Galaxy…. and thank god we didn’t have – GALAXY S3 Plus. What we have is a buffed up S3, or the S3 on post workout body building proteins – The Samsung Galaxy S4 – which is very similar to the S3 yet so much different from the same.

Here are the classroom grades

  • Display: Much Improved & Bigger still same size of S3
  • Camera: Great, Loads n Tonners of features, faster still same UI
  • 7 layers of Make Up on Jellybean: Loads of Exciting features, which end up draining your battery

Still the same question? Would you be buying Galaxy S4?

If you are using S3 and just upgraded to Jellybean OTA, there’s no actual ground not to upgrade to the S4. No Doubt, its a great phone, though it still has many of the S3’s drawbacks too.

The “Good” Things: Closer look

Display: It is now more sharper, more brighter. In fact it is actually packed with true colors (presence of new color mode setting), and unbelievablly this new 5″ fits in the same size as the one on Galaxy S3 . Finally, yes! it hosts the Gorilla Glass too

Camera: One Word – (please don’t read HTC One when I wrote One. We will have a camera comparison later). So, I said, One Word – Awesome, or three words – Out of Galaxy. Samsung has done a planetary work on the new 13MP camera. The camera takes really detailed photographs and has some brilliant features like removing moving objects or the picture with sound

Software: Surprises, surprises and more more more more more surprises. Why So many mores? Few of the software features are not useless. Things like SHealth and WatchOn remote gives me hope that Samsung is becoming serious about software innovations as well. Why I am not speaking about the eye blink or eye movement features here, is because these features are mere upgrades to Note 2 Air View or Galaxy S3 Smart Stay.

The “Bad” Things

Storage: Just 9.6 GB of usable internal storage?? Are you kidding me? Yes, there is a Micro SD slot and you can add your movies, music files, images or documents there. But we all know there are still apps and loads of internal files which would eat up 9.6 GB sooner or later

Gimmick: Can someone please tell the product managers that a buyer of Rs. 40,000+ phone is not a first time buyer. The Gimmicks don’t work anymore except the first few trials. Smart Scroll, Smart Stop, Smart View isn’t that smart enough.

PS: Higher the number of such sensor led features, lesser your battery life is!

Build quality: Plastic.. Oh Sorry, beautiful, textured plastic is still mere plastic. Still gives you those cranky noises and once you remove the back panel you will notice that the build quality isn’t that great compared to the Ones(yes, this time I am referring to the ONE). Okay, we understand Note 3 is expected to have a uni-body all metal design; so should we wait to buy that now? And then there is another version to Galaxy S4 – The swimmer, underwater specialist – Mr. Waterproof Galaxy S4 (Competing with almost Rs. 7000 cheaper Xperia Z)

Final Conclusion

I agree that I’ll be happy to own the latest Galaxy S4, but we come back to the very first question and agenda of my write up – Is this the best smartphone available yet?

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Back Cover Removed

Personally, I think it’s a difficult call and also a personal choice.

There is no second opinion that HTC should get a lot of credit to really bring something like the One. All Metal Uni-body design, brilliant and I would have no shame sharing – The best Camera out in the market but the question is – Is Galaxy S4 the best smartphone out?

Yes, the camera is excellent. Yes, there is fully loaded truck with extensive set of features. And yes, it runs Android 4.2 and the One doesn’t (as of now). But this also feels like Samsung could have been leap years ahead using this time as perfect stage. They had a very high probability to make the Galaxy S4 a more superior piece of hardware. Honestly, they didn’t try very hard on that.  Even few of the software innovations are useless and others are not fully functional.  And because of the conflicts issues, there are few which you should activate them together.

The Galaxy S4 is a great phone. It is like a supermodel who stands in the front-line wearing the most gorgeous, shiny set of clothes, walking on the ramp. But it isn’t the showstopper of the night. I would recommend this phone to someone switching from non Samsung to Samsung or a person upgrading from Note first family or S2 to the latest one.

For last year buyers looking to buy the latest smarty in the market, it isn’t the perfect!

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