Is HTC Desire 200 Worth Buying?

HTC has just seen remarkable increase in their overall profits and it seems that the company has decided to go out and take head on with its competitors. As expected, HTC has officially announced HTC Desire 200 in an event in Taiwan. The device is also listed on the official HTC website with bunch of specifications but it is still unclear about the exact Android version that will be running on HTC Desire 200. Well, the rumors are still pointing fingers at Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich, and if that happens to be true; the company may loose the chance of getting its business back in low-budget/mid-budget segment.

Whatever would be the Android version on HTC Desire 200, will it be a good buy? Let’s find out now and take a close look at its specifications.

HTC Desire 200 – A Closer Look

HTC Desire 200 - A Closer Look

HTC Desire 200 packs 3.5 inch LCD display with HVGA resolutions. On the hardware front, the device packs a 1 GHz snapdragon S1 processor and 512 MB DDR1 RAM. The HTC Desire 200 runs on unidentified version of Sense which I presume is stripped down version with minimum apps and features. The only two remarkable elements that I can spot from the images are company’s flagship clock design and standard Android home screen. This means that there are very less chances of having blinkFeed on this smartphone.

Hardware Talk

The HTC Desire 200 has dimensional size of 107.7 x 60.8 x 11.9mm and it weights around 100 grams. That’s pretty tiny and low-weight. The screen has HVGA resolutions and scales up to 3.5 inches. There isn’t anything great on the screen as it is normal LCD display. So, don’t expect brighter contrast between colors.

The device is packed with 1 GHz snapdragon S1 processor. WTF? That’s too old! Besides, there are definitely bunch of processors available in the market which are better than snapdragon S1. The 512 MB RAM might just seem perfect for mid-budget segment but it is not! Why? Because they have incorporated DDR1 RAM in HTC Desire 200. The second disappointment.

Talking about the sensors, HTC Desire 200 features 3 most critical sensors i.e., accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

Software Mania

Well, nobody is aware of the actual android version running on HTC Desire 200 since the company has not revealed that yet. Adding to this chaos, there is also no clarity on the exact version of the HTC Sense. While the press images gives us an impression of some stripped down version of HTC Sense; it needs to be confirmed.

As expected, device is loaded with BeatAudio to give you the best sound enhancements.

So, till the time, we know about the exact android version, it’s hard to give my opinion on this section. However, if the android version is happened to be ICS, I’ll recommend you to skip this device and check for other alternatives. But, if they load this device with Jelly bean; may that be Android 4.1.x or 4.2, I’ll give my thumbs up.


If you’re first time android buyer, I must warn you about one thing. Post android 4.0 ICS, most of the apps and games are installed in an internal memory. So, it is advisable to look out for a phone with maximum internal memory. In case of HTC Desire 200, the device is loaded with 4 GB of internal storage out of which 2+ GB should be available for users (needs confirmation).


HTC Desire 200 Camera


HTC Desire 200 packs 5 megapixel fixed focus camera. Another disappointment! I at least expected it to have an auto-focus or LED flash. Without LED flash, do I need to tell you that it will have lower photo quality in low light? However, HTC has come up with a front facing VGA camera which is why they may have opted to go ahead without flash.

Just for the information, the camera has F2.8 aperture and 34 mm lens.


The device packs 1230 mAh battery which is slightly lower than my expectations. We all know how Android smartphones drains battery and considering the same, I at least expected it to have 1400-1500 mAh battery. Never-mind!  The smartphone is expected to last for 10 hours on GSM network.

Final Line

If HTC is planning to sell this smartphone with the price less than $200-$250 (or less than INR 10000-INR 12500), it is definitely a good choice. However, if the price is above the range that I’ve specified, I don’t see any solid reasons to go for it.

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