Intex Aqua 4X Review – Does it meet your requirements?

Intex recently unveiled Aqua 4X in the Indian market and looking at the price tag of Rs 3999, the device has been targeted exclusively for low budget segment. Recently, we got our hands on the device and we are pleased to bring you our first-hand experience for our readers.

Intex Aqua 4X is perhaps retailing in the market for a price of approximately 2999 INR which is 1000 bucks lower than the maximum retail price. The box content mentions that it comes up with a travel charger, battery, headphones USB cable and some general user manuals along with the warranty card.

Two weeks ago, we published a video on our YouTube channel showcasing the box content and giving a quick overview of this device. I’m embedding that video below.

Intex Aqua 4X – Unboxing Video

Skipping the inside box section that we usually see in written reviews, let us now concentrate on other aspects of this device.

Design and Display

Intex Aqua 4X - Front Panel

Intex Aqua 4X – Front Panel

Well, the device has got design that is very similar to the HTC’s one series smartphones. Remember those dual speakers that are there in HTC One phones? Intex Aqua 4X will give you the same feeling. The display in front has got 4 inch capacitive panel along with a 480×800 pixels resolution and 240 dpi. The screen is somewhat dull but quite bearable. The touch response and animations are very smooth.

Apart from the touch panel and speakers, there is this VGA front facing camera and three capacitive buttons at front. On the right side of the device, you will find volume rocker buttons and power key. The left side of the device is completely clean with no ports or buttons at all. The micro USB port and audio jack is situated on top whereas there is this tiny microphone at bottom. Well, what remains to be seen is back of the device where you will find a 2 megapixel camera and LED flash. Oh wait! There is this Intex logo just beside the LED flash and that’s catching my eyes.

My take – 3.5/5.0


Intex Aqua 4X is powered by 1 GHz MediaTek 6572 dual core processor and Mali 400 MP GPU. Since price of this device is an important factor here, let’s not compare the performance with high end smartphones. The device runs smoothly without any lags and that is evident from the day you start using it. But, in order to keep it that way, you will have to restrict the number of apps that you would want to install.

Moving on to the RAM, you will have total of 256 MB RAM and out of which only 50-60 MB RAM will be available for use. The 256 MB RAM is quite low in today’s world and I was at least expecting it to have 512 MB RAM. Nonetheless, the device was able to handle few basic applications quite nicely.

My take – 3.5/5.0


Intex Aqua 4X - Home

Intex Aqua 4X – Home

Intex Aqua 4X runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean. Ok. Don’t shout at me because I know the software is out of date but performance isn’t. In fact, I find it very stable on this device if you know how to use it properly.  Off course the old Jelly bean might not be a good option if you’re hoping for a latest android device but hey, that’s what you get with low budget segment devices.

The OS is completely stock with some changes in terms of icons and settings. That is probably why the performance of the device is up to the mark.

The device comes up with number of default apps that are mostly unnecessary. The device is loaded with Opera browser and that certainly means that there is some partnership between these two. Apart from that, you will find some apps such as backup and restore, to do and flashlight to be quite useful.

I’m not sure if there is any rooting tutorial available for the device. If there is any tutorial available, I will certainly update it on blog.

My take – 3.0/5.0


Camera Settings - Intex Aqua 4X

Camera Settings – Intex Aqua 4X

The two megapixel shooter at back does an average job of capturing photos. The colors are little bit dull once again but that’s manageable. The camera is accompanied by an LED flash which is certainly very useful in low light conditions. The noise is quite visible in low light pictures.

The video shooting capability of this phone is quite good. The video does shake a little bit but with the right practice, you might be able to get hold of it.

Apart from the 2 megapixel camera at back, there is this VGA front facing camera which would be useful in video calling and selfies. The performance here is once again just average.

My take – 3.0/5.0

Following are the settings that you will find under photo and video shooting mode.

Photo Settings - Camera

Photo Settings – Camera

Video Mode Settings - Camera

Video Mode Settings – Camera


The 1000 mAh battery is not at all anywhere near to providing backup for one full day. At best, the device was able to last for 6 hours with moderate usage. The high usage along with two sim cards would provide even lesser battery performance.

It will be better if you can carry a spare battery with this one. Otherwise, you will have to buy a portable charger.

My take – 2.5/5.0

PS: A memory card is must for this phone as the internal memory is too low. You will be able to set the software installation path to SD card from settings.


Intex has tried to put everything in this little champ and that is certainly commendable. The only department that concerned me was battery performance. Except battery backup, the device is worth Rs 2999 and if you’re tight on budget you can certainly go ahead and buy it.

PS: We have published a review video as well and you can watch it out below –

Intex Aqua 4X – Video Review

Intex Aqua 4X – Camera Sample

Camera Sample

Camera Sample

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