iBerry Auxus Nuclea X vs Motorola Moto G

Moto G is indeed a great device and doesn’t need any introduction. It is fast, slim, trendy and out of all, cheap. Since its launch, all the other manufacturers are trying to match up the popularity and success of Moto G by launching devices in the same price segment and iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is one of them. We recently reviewed iBerry Auxus Nuclea X and found it to be a good device for users who want good specs in low budget. But, being in same price segment there would be a question, which is best? Moto G or iBerry Auxus? So, I decided to reduce the load from your brain and present you the side by side comparison of both the devices.
Before we start up with the comparison, you might wanna check out the Moto G review as well.
Let us now compare these two devices.

iBerry Auxus Nuclea X vs Moto G

iBerry Auxus Nuclea X vs Moto G

Who looks and fits better

In terms of looks both the devices are pretty good. Auxus Nuclea X is slim but huge whereas Moto G is thick but trendier. In terms of fit, Moto G wins just because it has smaller dimension which is easy to hold and operate with single hand. But if you have got big hands, you are definitely going to love the form factor of Auxus Nuclea X. To see the difference in the size, watch out the specs chart comparison below.

Winner: Tie


iBerry Auxus Nuclea X - Display

Auxus Nuclea X has 5.0 inch 720p display with lower pixel density as compared to Moto G’s 4.5 inch 720p display. In terms of color reproduction, both the devices are comparable, but the display on iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is full laminated OGS technique which makes the display thinner than those which are not using it. This makes the display of Nuclea X much more effective than Moto G.

Winner: iBerry Auxus Nuclea X

Processing Power

Though, the processing power of Auxus Nuclea X is far better than Moto G, both the phone performs well when it comes to normal usage. Moto G has 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm CPU whereas Auxus Nuclea X has Mediatek 1.7GHz Octa-core chip. The benchmarks of Auxus Nuclea X just thrashes the high end smartphones with ease. No doubt the Auxus Nuclea X is a beast amongst smartphones. Because of this huge processing power apps run quite fast and multitasking is breeze on this device.

Winner: Auxus Nuclea X


Auxus Nuclea X has 13MP camera compared to 5MP on Moto G. The pixels doesn’t matter much when it comes to quality of picture and both the devices have good cameras. Auxus Nuclea X is average performer and Moto G performs pretty well with its 5MP camera. Though, the Auxus Nuclea X has camera software which features lot of goodies like smile shot, face detection, voice capture and face beauty capture mode. For me the results were same. Viewing at actual picture size one has more pixels and other has better quality. For normal users the output will remain same and both the phones have good camera.

Winner: Tie


Moto G has tremendous update support and it is one of the devices who get major updates much earlier than other high end devices available in the market. It is currently running the latest version of Android which is Kitkat 4.4. On the other hand, Auxus Nuclea X comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean but company has promised an update within few weeks.

Winner: Moto G


Both the devices have 1GB of RAM which provides satisfactory results. I cannot say they are good at multitasking but they do good user experience to a normal user.

Auxus Nuclea X has 8GB internal memory with an option to extend it via Micro SD card, whereas Moto G lacks expansion feature but comes with 8GB and 16GB memory option.

Winner: Auxus Nuclea X


Moto G has only 2070mAh capacity of battery compared to 2800mAh of Auxus Nuclea X. Moto G provides 9-12hrs of battery backup on heavy use whereas Auxus Nuclea X goes more than 14hrs. Clearly Auxus Nuclea X has an edge due to higher numbers in battery capacity.

Winner: Auxus Nuclea X


I have to admit, iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is a very good device and beats Moto G with a huge margin on several occasions. iBerry has put enough features to provide an excellent user experience. Clearly, iBerry is the winner in this battle but that doesn’t mean Moto G is not a good device. If you feel 4.5 inch display and limited memory won’t bother you, you should go with Moto G otherwise, iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is the one for you.

Motorola Moto G on FlipkartRs 13999
iBerry Auxus Nuclea X on eBayRs 12990
  • Sebastian

    Naman, Thanks for the comparing the 2 small giants of course Moto G is a big giant. Still I feel iBerry Auxus Nuclea X Should be at the top. Lets see when this device comes to in my hand just in 2 to 4 days. I will give a some what a review you will have to accept it. This is my 6th phone since beginning of my buying. From Nokia onwards. jumped to CDMA Tata, Then china phones which is good an cheap G Five then, to one in between I purchased online from Tardus..com then MMX A75, whose trace is not found just after 3 months suffered a lot with> Then along came iBerry Auxus Nuclea X From eBay, hope this will not disappoint me Being an Octo Core for which I was waiting, but just the ram is low. That is only draw back from what I wanted at least 2 GB ram. rest was OK. Lets hope this runs fine. Have to wait and watch till then. Thanks

    • NamanKomre

      Actually I had to consider the after sales service. Just because of that i feel both the phone are good. If you like small screens, Moto G is the one. If you like big screens and fine with what company has given you in software, you can go for iBerry.

  • Sagar Kawthankar

    Can you please tell me that should I buy Moto G or iBerry Auxus Nuclea
    X? My requirements are superb front camera for clicking selfies as well
    as back camera for hd recording, good gaming experience, good battery
    life and long duration of the phone(If I buy a phone, I will be using it
    for 2-3years) & Upgradable to kitkat(In case of nuclea x as moto g
    already got a kitkat update). Also do consider after sales and customer
    care. Awaiting your reply 🙂

    • Pavan

      Your comment has been addressed previously on another article. Please don’t make same comments again and again.

  • sameer bhatia

    1) How does the memory usage/breakup work on iberry? Out of the 8GB internal memory what is available for apps, is there any limitation (unlike moto G, entire memory is available for apps)

    2) is there app2sd support available,(not shown on the iberry website specs though shows for nuclea N1)?

    3) possibly a repeat, Could u please help with comparative benchmark scores for iberry and motog G?

    • I will have to get back the device to check these things again Sameer. I shall do it in a week or two.

      I assume 4.5+ GB should be available to install apps and media altogether (no breakup like what is found in Micromax phones*).

      * – Verification needed.

      Thank you for appreciating our efforts mate. These words encourage us in keep on writing such reviews. 🙂

  • Sagar Kawthankar

    Can you please tell me that will Moto G 4G LTE launch in India? And if it is going to launch in India then at what period of time it will?

    • I’m 90% certain that Moto G 4G LTE won’t launch in India.

  • Sebastian

    Naman Komre, Just in case you did not get it, I could root my Nuclea X. by simple method of Vroot 1.6 version. You have to bring in Snappea By Googling, and do the rooting through Vroot 1.6. It takes hardly 2 mins. But I need roms for it, I am in search of it. If you can help find me one. iBerry Nuclea X just beats. OTG works good in this phone. Just tried and got it engaged on the phone. Only thing 3d wall paper will not work for some reasons. Then Facebook just skips off or rather closes as soon as it opens. Just tried various versions of facebook. but did not work. Then Camera is stunting specially in the Night. No blurred just as it can be. I shall remain ever grateful if you find me a perfect CWM and Rom for this Iberry Nuclea X. Thanks in advance.

    • Just try software reset, there could be wake locks which prevent phone to go in deep sleep. I will not recommend custom ROM because they have lot of bugs, this is because lack of developers. What you can do is, just reset your device and see if battery got stable and let me know.

      • Sebastian

        Thank you. I also resetted the phone but no change. To factory setting. Again fresh software was put same case. ROM s no problems will find way. Still will wait for it. Anything else you’re piece of advice will be appreciated. Sebastian.

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