As the rumor grows, here is why HTC should make next Nexus device!

As we know HTC is not going through its best period and has been facing many difficulties in terms of market share. They recently sold the beats audio stake because of the loss and also lost the patent suite with Nokia. There are rumors that company is looking for buyers which HTC kept denying. Although HTC was always innovative when it came down to the smartphone. HTC One performed well in the markets and it is still one of the best smartphones on the planet. But a single rocking device is not enough to provide good overall results.

Google Nexus 5

To fight with the other competitors, Google has to save HTC, because it has potential to grow back and stay in the arena of android. The main reasons why HTC should make nexus nexus device are:

Amazing hardware

HTC makes tremendous and amazing piece of hardware. From the windows mobile days, HTC devices were known for its build quality and looks. HTC is still having the crown of making beautiful smartphones. World has witnessed the charm of HTC One last year and if HTC makes the next nexus device it would be quite interesting for stock android lovers and HTC fans.

Need of assistance

As everyone is aware about the downslide of HTC’s revenue from last two years, Google should give the opportunity to make next nexus device to HTC. This would not only help HTC to make a come back but also strengthen the bond between Google and HTC.

Innovative approach

HTC has provided many first of its kind like first 4G smartphone, first to implement ultrapixel in the device. They have always tried to innovate something new from their side, which proves their innovative approach in smartphone industry.

The latest addition in the HTC’s phone line up is HTC One M8 which is again an excellent piece of device. It comes with an innovative approach to capturing the images and refocusing them once they’ve been captured. The dual camera at the back does the trick of refocusing while the secondary camera at the front can take wonderful selfies.

Time since last Nexus by HTC

HTC made the first ever nexus device with Google, which was Nexus One. It was indeed beautiful and popular. But after that, Google gave the opportunity to make nexus device to Samsung. So it has been 4 years since HTC made the nexus device. If HTC makes nexus device it will definitely bring the essence of Nexus One.

So, if HTC makes the next nexus device, it would be great to see the combination of top notch hardware and next flavor of Android. And I hope, HTC will again get back to the heights soon.

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