How to Unlock Boot-loader and Root Moto G

It has been almost couple of days since the launch of Moto G in Indian market and we seem to have gotten our hands on the rooting process. The process of unlocking the boot-loader and rooting moto G is quite simple. It might seem like something out of this world for the new android users but believe me you’ll be able to root your Moto G if you follow the process carefully.

Moto G, unlike its bigger sibling, comes up with a boot-loader which needs to be unlocked prior to rooting. Now, there’re few instructions and warnings that you got to understand.

Pre-rooting Instructions

  • Unlocking the boot-loader of your Moto G removes the warranty cover.
  • Additionally, unlocking the boot-loader involves the process of wiping up data. Therefore, I would recommend you to take the backup of all your essential files beforehand.
  • If you root your phone, you’ll never ever receive the direct OTA updates from Motorola. However, this may not concern you much because there’s always a way of installing the update manually.
  • Make sure that you’ve the enough battery backup on your phone i.e., more than 70 percent.

Necessary Downloads

Superbot – Download latest version from given link

How to Unlock boot-loader and Root Moto G

How to Root Moto G

  • Go to the official Motorola site and follow the steps to unlock the bootloader of your Moto G (They are quite easy).
  • Download the Superbot files from the link that has been provided above.
  • Create a new folder called “moto” on your desktop and extract the contents of
  • Open the command prompt (if you’re on windows) or terminal window (if you’re on mac) and navigate to the moto folder.
  • Here’s how you can navigate to the moto folder if you’re on windows – In command prompt window, use the cd.. command to navigate back and cd folder-name to open the respective folder. You can type in cd and press tab to get the list of folders present in that directory.
  • For example, suppose I’ve a moto g folder at C://users/home/Desktop/motog
  • I’ll open the command prompt window, type in (and press enter) cd Desktop to get into the desktop folder.
  • I will again type in cd motog to navigate to the motog folder.
  • Turn off your Moto G and boot into the bootloader by pressing and holding volume down + power buttons simultaneously.
  • Now, run the following command (highlighted bold) in command prompt window or terminal window (make sure that you’re in motog folder)
  • superboot-windows.bat (if you’re on windows)
  • ./ (if you’re on mac)
  • This will trigger the process of rooting your Moto G and your phone will restart automatically.
  • You’ll see a SuperSU app installed in your apps directory. That’s the confirmation of your rooting being successful.

If the above method has helped you in rooting your Moto G, please help us in letting others know. Please put all the positive as well as negative comments so that each Moto G user will be aware of the important things that you’ve faced.

[image credits – technobuffalo]

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