How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Unroot method included)

It seems like the flash sales model is suiting very well to Xiaomi. Company’s latest budget smartphone Redmi 1S went on third (or fourth may be) flash sales and this time it sold out in 3.4 seconds – one second faster than the previous flash sales. According to Flipkart 350,000 people registered for this round of flash sales and 40,000 units were kept up for grabs. Such a level of excitement is obvious for a device that offers 4.7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels,  a rear-facing camera of 8 megapixels, front-facing camera of 1.6 megapixels, 1.6GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM for Rs. 5,999 only!

If you’ve been lucky enough in the previous flash sales and have this smartphone in your hands but want to root it for maximum potential then you’re in luck once again! In this article, we’re going to share indepth tutorial on how to root Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

How to Root Xiaomi RedMi 1S

The root process of this device isn’t as easy as it was for Xiaomi Mi3, but you don’t need to worry about it because we’re going to explain everything step-by-step. So let’s dive into it:


  • Your Redmi 1S should be running the stable version of MIUI ROM. If you’ve not yet messed up with another ROM on your device then you don’t need to do anything about it. But if you did then please get back to the MIUI ROM first.
  • Now you need to enable the Developer Options on your device. Navigate to Settings > About Phone > and tap the build number five times for doing that.
  • Backup all your important files and data manually.
  • Charge your phone at least 80%.

Note: Before we move ahead I would like to tell you something: after rooting your phone you won’t be notified of OTA updates. However, you can unroot your phone at any time to get OTA update notifications again. Once update is done you can root the device again using the method given below.

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 1s – Step by Step

  1. Download the file linked here and save it to your PC.
  2. Connect your Redmi 1S to PC via USB cable.
  3. Now move the file that you just downloaded to root directory of your phone, which will be  ‘Computer\HM 1S\Internal storage’.
  4. Disconnect your device from the PC.
  5. Now launch the updater app. In order to do that press the menu/options button and tap the option of “Reboot in recovery mode”, which will boot your phone into Mi Recovery.
  6. In Mi recovery you’ll have to select your preferred language from one of these options: English or Chinese. Unless you’re exceptionally good with Chinese (and I know you’re not), choose English!
  7. After setting the language you need to select and confirm the install of file that you just placed in your phone’s root directory.
  8. Once installation is complete you need to reboot the device, so tap that option when it pops up.
  9. After reboot you need to navigate to the Security settings of your Redmi 1S. From there you need to activate the option of “Root permission.”

That’s it. You’ve successfully rooted your Redmi 1S. Now if at anytime you feel the need of unrooting your device then steps involved in doing that are given below:

How to unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S

  1. Download the file linked here to your PC.
  2. Deactivate the “Root permission” option from Security that you activated in last step of rooting process.
  3. Rename the file that you just downloaded to
  4. Remaining steps remain the same from previous process. Just start from the 2nd step and continue until you reach the 8th step. Stop once you reach there because you don’t need the step 9 for unrooting process.
  • ejaz

    cant root on version 4.2

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