How to Root Moto E And Install Custom Recovery

Motorola launched Moto E few days ago and since then, the developers around the world started playing with the device and were trying to achieve root permissions on this low end device. Rooting Moto E will definitely boost its potential and give users some more power to uninstall system apps and tweak every part of the OS. So, here is an easy guide which will help you to achieve root and install custom recovery on your device. Though, it is not mandatory to install custom recovery but it is recommended because it provides some powerful feature like to create and restore backups, flash mods and some other useful functionality. Let’s, root Moto E with this easy and detailed guide.

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How to Root Moto E

How to Root Moto E

Files Required

  1. TWRP custom recovery
  2. SuperSU by Chainfire
  3. fastboot

Prepare your device and System

  1. Enable USB debugging by going in to settings-> about phone, now keep tapping Build Number for 7 times. A toast notification will appear saying that, you are now a developer. Now go back to settings and you will see a new option i.e Developer options (just above the about phone). Now turn on the developer options from top and scroll down to enable USB debugging (the screenshot shown below is for Nexus 5 but the options are same in both Moto E and Nexus 5).USB-Debugging
  2. Make sure you phone is at least 80% charged. If not, it’s time to charge it.
  3. Backup all you data including contacts, SMS and internal storage files. Just search apps in playstore to do the same.
  4. Extract the fastboot zip to your desktop in a folder with any name. Make sure there is no space in folder name. For example “fastboot”. Open this folder and you can see the fastboot.exe and adb.exe files. Now keep pressing shift key on your keyboard and right click anywhere in this explorer window (don’t right click on any files, just right click in free white space), and select “open command prompt here”. This will open command prompt with the current folder path. All the commands used in this guide should be fired from this command prompt window. In case you close it by mistake, you can reopen the cmd again as explained above.
  5. Rename the TWRP image file to recovery.img (earlier moto_e_twrp2.7.0.0_v1.2.img) to fastboot folder (fastboot.exe and recovery.img files should be in same fastboot folder) which we created in 4th point.

Step 1

Unlock Device Bootloader

Unlock bootloader of Moto E from here, the official Motorola site. They have provided each and every instruction in detail. Just make sure you read them carefully and follow them in mentioned order. In general, unlocking the bootloader provides the permission to install custom recovery.

Next step is to root your device. There are two ways to root, with or without stock recovery. We recommend 2A method which will provide you advanced features as mentioned in the beginning of the article. If you don’t want to flash Custom Recovery, you can follow Step 2B, completely ignoring Step 2A.

Step 2A (Root + Custom Recovery)

Flashing TWRP Recovery and Rooting Moto E

After unlocking the device bootloader, copy SuperSu zip file to your phone’s memory and power off your device completely. Now keep pressing volume down button and power button simultaneously. A new screen will appear (fastboot menu) which you probably have never seen before on your Moto E. Now, connect your device to the computer and go to command prompt window. Execute this command:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

The process should not take more than 5-8 seconds. After successful execution of above command, execute this command:

adb reboot bootloader

Now again you will be rebooted to the same fastboot menu screen. Press volume up and down to change the option to recovery, and press power button once. Now you will see TWRP recovery screen. Go to Backup and Restore and Backup the current ROM.


After the backup, you are now ready to root your device. Just go to Install -> flash from SD card and select the SuperSu zip file. After flashing the file, just reboot your device (there will be an option to reboot-system after you flash the SuperSu).

Step 2B (Stock Recovery + Root)

If you don’t want additional features of recovery like backup and restore, you can still root you device by following these stepts.

After unlocking the device bootloader, copy SuperSu zip file to your phone’s memory and power off your device completely. Now keep pressing volume down button and power button simultaneously. This will bring up a new screen on your Moto E. Now, connect your phone to the computer and go to command prompt window to execute this command:

fastboot boot recovery.img

Now you will see TWRP recovery screen. Go to install – choose the SuperSu zip from the path where you initially copied it. After completion, reboot your device.

Congratulations, Moto E root process completed. Enjoy playing with your device but make sure you don’t mess with file system unless you know what you are doing.

Note: Unlocking and rooting the device might void its warranty. We are not responsible for any kind of damage that may occur to your device by following this guide. Though we have tested this process on Moto E and if you follow the steps correctly, there is no risk involved whatsoever.

  • Sebastian

    Even before Moto E could spread you have provided the rooting and custom recovery Good for those who have purchased Moto E. Can you help those who purchased Iberry Auxus Nuclea X……..also. Cause Mr. Pavan told me about Framaroot to try, but it does not have Nuclea X in their list of phones as well as it is cumbersome process what it seems to me (I am not a software Engg). Could you please find appropriate software for me and others who would like to root and remove the ills of the phone of iberry Nuclea X. Thanks awaiting your response. my email id is Thanks in advance.

    • NamanKomre

      I will try to achieve root on iberry Auxus Nuclea X and revert back with an article. But you can try frameroot from this link
      You need to select install supersu after opening the app and Boromir as exploit. After that go to app drawer open supersu app and press continue when it asks to update the binaries. If it asks you the installation method select normal. That’s it, iberry Auxus Nuclea X should be rooted by this method. Try and post back the results.

  • Sebastian

    Thanks for the link you have given but it did not work after executing and installing SuperSU, tried to use the Exploit it showed Failed.with Error #9 in all the Three cases.Bromomir /Framamir/and one more whose name forgotten, there is one suggestions one of my friend who is searching for rooting tool found this Nuclea X as being the CLONE of tianhe h928, also given the link for the rooting: ( just trying it out that now. As your given link failed so trying with this new link. Hope this will work. Thanks.

    • As I said I do not have the device right now. I will post the article about rooting it as soon as I get the device. You can follow the steps provided on XDA, most of the time it works. And make sure you read some of the recent comments of the same thread before attempting the procedure.

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