How to Root Micromax Unite 2 A106

Its been couple of weeks since the launch of this device but people have already starting searching for how to root Micromax Unite 2 A106. Initially there were few unconfirmed guides that didn’t work and sadly the efforts of rooting Micromax Unite 2 A106 went into the vain. The situation has changed. Now, there is this fully working guide that has been tested by several users. So, if you’re planning to root your Micromax Unite 2 A106, this guide is perfectly right for you.

This process of rooting Micromax Unite 2 A106 uses combination of software that you would need to download. I’m putting all the secure download links in this post itself. However, before getting into the actual process, let me remind you of the Micromax Unite 2 review that we have added few days ago. Additionally, I will be coming up with the article on covers and cases for this device.

How to Root Micromax Unite 2 A106

Before You Start

There are bunch of things that you need to take care of before starting to root your android phone. I’m listing them all below. Don’t overlook these things and make sure you’re following the guide as mentioned otherwise you’ll end up bricking your phone.

  • Make sure that the battery level on your Micromax Unite 2 is 75 percent or more.
  • Take backup of all your important data, files and documents.
  • Please enable USB debugging mode on your phone. For that, go into the settings > about and keep on tapping “build number” 5-6 times. You’ll get a toast notification – “You’re now a developer”. You’ll now be able to see the option of USB debugging. Go into the settings > Developer options and tick the check box for “USB Debugging”.
  • Please be aware that rooting voids warranty.


How to Root Micromax Unite 2 A106

  • Download and install “USB drivers for MTK devices”. The link to download these drivers is mentioned above in downloads section.
  • Move SuperSU file on your device’s internal memory. Don’t keep it inside any folder. Just let it be there outside in the root directory.
  • Now, take out the battery from the phone and put it inside again. Keep the phone switched off and connect it to the computer using USB cable.
  • Extract the contents of SP flash tool and double click on Flast_tool.exe to open it.
  • Click on the scatter loading button and select the “Scatter file” that you’ve downloaded. The actual name of this scatter file is “MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt”
  • This will load a new section in the region below. Here you’ll see a bunch of check boxes. Double click on the BOOTIMG text and select the boot image that you’ve downloaded from the section above. Similarly, click on the RECOVERY text and select the recover image.
  • Click on the download button and you might get a warning. Simply skip the warning and you’ll have the CWM recovery flashed on your Micromax Unite 2.
  • Now, all you’ve to do is boot into the recovery. For that, press and hold volume up + volume down + power key. Select the recovery mode and select install ZIP from SD card. Use volume buttons to scroll up and down. Use power button to make selection.
  • Select the and flash it onto your phone.
  • That’s it folks. This will root your Micromax Unite 2 A106 Easily.

In order to make the initial steps easy and user friendly, I’ve recorded a video of these steps. You can refer to this video for some guidance about rooting Micromax Unite 2 A106.

[credits to developer]

PS: This tutorial is now outdated. While it may work on some models, I would recommend you all to stop following it.

  • Akash James

    I’m getting an error 8038 in SP Flash Tool. How do I fix this?

    • This is an error specific to some of the SP flash tool versions. Try changing the SP flash tool version.

      • Lavdeep Singh

        how much time it will take ? I have started the process by clicking download button but the progress bar is still at 0% even after 10 mins !!

      • Nil

        I have tried with newer version it shows different problem

        • We will update the guide as and when the developer does it. As of now, this tutorial has worked one selected Micromax Unite 2 models. Don’t know why!

          • Vitesh Kotian

            Hey bro I have 1 doubt that I have to copy the whole zip file in the internal of some selected file from that zip…??

  • Avinash B


    I am unable to browse using a browser, even open play on my unite 2 even though it says is is connected a Wi-Fi network.All other phone connect to the same network without any problems. Please help.

    • Hi,

      Did this happen after rooting?

      • Avinash B

        Some of my colleagues who also use other models of micromax reported the same issue. They say that only micromax devices aren’t able to connect.

        My decice was able to connect to access point because i could see the wifi signals but when i tried browsing it wouldn’t work.

        After playing with my device for sonetime I was finally able to browse but signal use to break everytime so i have installed wifi fixer from play store and it seems to be working fine now. I will report again if i face any problems. Thank you for getting back.

        one more thing, can we do something bout upside down recovery. Also can we get the stock recovery.

        I took a back up od my rom following online instructions using readback method in flash tool. Could you please provide me instructions on how to flash that. Actually i am new to micromax. I can do all this stuff with sony.

        • Hi Avinash,

          So this hasn’t started after rooting. Right.

          It looks like it is a small software glitch at the moment. Did you try going at the service center?

          Flashing a ROM involves similar kind of steps no matter which device you have. Assuming that you’ve custom recovery, you can just first wipe dalvik, cache. After that you can select “install from SD card” and flash that ROM file. Similarly, through custom recovery, you’ll be able to take the full backup of your current ROM.

          • Avinash B

            Hello Pavan,

            Thank you for the reply. Micromax customer service number do not work.I have tried contacting them a lot. The service center phone numbers do not work. I will try to visit them personally.

            Avinash B

          • Avinash B

            Hello Pavan,

            Any update on recovery upside down problem. Also, when I try to take pics using Camera App, they appear upside down, is there a fix for this. The videos are also appearing upside down. Currently, I am using CINX ROM.


          • Avinash B

            Also, are we going to see lollipop official update for micromax unite 2 A106?

  • Lavdeep Singh

    I will try this method today but what if the phone gets bricked ? or goes totally black ? how to take backup of previous ROM so that we can restore our phone to original ROM ?

  • Lavdeep Singh

    how much time it will take ? I have started the process by clicking
    download button but the progress bar is still at 0% even after 10 mins
    !! ???//

    • It usually doesn’t take that much time. Try waiting for 10 more minutes. If it doesn’t help, redo the steps from point one.



    • Download scatter file again and redo the steps.

      • jatin

        I tried this but this cannot help me

  • abhishek

    Hi! pavan
    I flashed my device(micromax unite 2) using flash tools. But according to your instructions when i opened in recovery mode (vol up+ vol down+ power) it showed “NO COMMAND FOUND”. on clicking power button it showed various options but when i selected an option using vol button and tried to click on it with power button, the options just dissapeared and i cant select any option. please help!!
    please see the pics i attached.

    • It looks like you have messed up with the recovery files. Connect your phone to the computer, make sure you’ve installed ADB drivers.

      Extract the contents of the adb on desktop(create a new folder lets call it “fastboot”) and open command prompt window. In command prompt window, navigate to this newly created folder where you’ve extracted the content and type in –

      adb devices

      Did you see your device with weird number listed there? If not, put this command.

      fastboot devices

      Your device with the random ID should be visible now. Run the following command to boot into recovery now –

      adb reboot recovery

  • abhishek

    the attachments…

  • Akhil

    The download is stuck at 0%. Tried it a lot of times but still no luck. Kindly reply with the solution. Also please elaborate on the !st step as to how to install usb drivers after downloading the required file from the above link.

    • Aman Surana

      how did you solve it?

  • Akhil

    Ok i got around that problem. But now i am stuck at another one. I am unable to install su from recovery as it says installation aborted. Kindly help

    • Aman Surana

      how did you get away from previous problem?

      • Guest

        how did you install CWM Recovery

      • Arvind

        how did you solve it?

    • Mayank B

      how did you

  • Gourab

    This handset does not support pen drive after root is this problem fixed?
    if not then how to fix that? plz tell me….

  • farhan

    nothing is happening after flashing cwm recovery….when i am pressing volume up+volume down+power button nothing is happening….seems like my mobile is bricked….please tell me to get it back in previous state.

  • Jasleen Singh

    Same Problem Here…..Installation Aborts Everytime….What Shall I do…???

    • srinivas

      try with kingroot… it roots and unroots


    hey! pavan i have data pack in my phone bt when i open whtsapp and enter no. it shows no connection …everything except whatsapp is working .i m using micromax unite ..plzzz help

    • Remove SIM and then try again. If this doesn’t work, you might have to do soft reset/factory reset and try once.

  • Mayank B

    the smart phone flash tool downloads nothing
    I click on download and it shows just 0% (since last one hour)
    plzzz reply n help me

  • Arvind Kushwaha

    will it work on unite 2 8 GB

    • Don’t use it. This method is outdated and I will be updating it in coming days.

  • Jatin Tanwer

    hey this method is nt gd ……… i cnt root my micromax unite 2

    can u suggst any app like framaroot kind of app that will root my phone easily and at a little time

  • hemant kumar

    mys systm is formated and i didn’t flash the rom what can i do now my unite2 is romless and in cwm recovry mode hw i can install any custom rom or its on rom i have the readback backup of my rom bt i can’t able

    • If you have the backup of your stock ROM, you can go into the recovery > backup/restore and restore the ROM.

      • hemant kumar

        readbackup i.e. rom0 is this flashable

  • Harsh Chaturvedi

    The download is struck at 0%. Tried many times. It is downloading for more than 2 Hours but still at 0%…

    • Nishant

      Turn the phone off,and then take out the battery and then put it back on again, and then select the options, it will work, worked for me,

  • Harsh Chaturvedi

    Now 4 Hours have passed and result of download = 0%.

  • shashi

    Hi pawan, any update on error 8038, SP flash tool issue:??? I hv tried new version also but again new error, pmt changed for the rom it must be downloaded, plz help???

    • No man, no update regarding this tutorial yet. Efforts are on.

      • shashi

        HI Buddy, thanks for prompt reply, however i was able to root my mobile. Problem was in the scatter file, i chose another file, which i got on xda forum, n i was able to root the mobile. But dude, it would be grt help for me if you help me in increasing internal memory. I have made partion in sd card, with primary and ext4 option (for secondry memory which i allocate to internal memory), but when i link any application to sd card by link2sd, most of the time application get crashed and vanish. plz help in this

        • Have you tried formating complete partition once and clearing app cache ? If not. Try it.

          • shashi

            i hv tried to format the partition but unable to do so then i erased the complete data of sd card, after that i was able to get total memory back. However when i again tried to make partition total memory of application which i linked to sd card was already in the secondy memory, i dont know how to delink that application from seconty part

        • Try what Naman has said. Apart from that, can you post the link of the scatter file that you’ve used? Xda forum link would be much better.

          • shashi

            scatter file is not available in attachment, plz let me know how to attach any file here so that i can attach that file. also i would like to mention that connect your mobile only when you click on download button on flash tool application

          • Can you please post the link to that xda thread? That would be helpful as well.

          • shashi
          • That link isn’t working Shashi. Please give us direct link of the forum thread.

          • That link gives Error 610. Not accessible.
            That is why I’m asking direct forum link.

          • shashi

            copy/paste whole configuration in notepad and use this as scatter file

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  • Aswin Kumar

    The download is struck at 0%. Tried many times. It is downloading for more than 2 Hours but still at 0%…plz help

    • Refrain from following this tutorial. I have already mentioned that this tutorial is now unreliable.

  • Anver Sherif

    Hi pavan

    i ve done the rooting as per procedure and its got rooted too but still ma memory for installing apps is 0.89 GB how to club dis with a Internal storage space

    • naveen

      Which os u have used?

      • Anver Sherif

        KITKAT 4.4.2

  • Dhruv Gupta

    Is der any bug in your firmware of unite2?

  • amit balesa

    hi pawan a106 m mene setting m accebility m jakr spoken mode pr kr diya mobile ko,

    ab wo ek ladis bolti h andr, use wapis normal krna h wo kaise kru????

  • amit balesa

    bhai jaldi bta de isne jaan kh rkhi h meri bol bol kr..

    is mode ko kaise hatau,

    • I’m not sure but I guess you might be able to disable it from settings > Languages and Input > Text to Speech.

      If possible, please post a screenshot here of that option.

  • rohit

    Pls kindly help me. Mtk device driver is not being insall showing an error(device not coonected). Due to this the recovery img is at 0% stuck at their. pls help me out.

    • Hi,

      I have already mentioned at the end of this article –

      PS: This tutorial is now outdated. While it may work on some models, I would recommend you all to stop following it.

      • Lingstone Chiume

        Will you please put the note at the beginning of the article so that users don’t end up doing something irreversible to their devices.

        • Warning has been highlighted so that it would be noticed easily.

  • Kishan Rao

    Ye ab kaam nahi karta kya??

  • Kishan Rao

    Kabhi phone brick ho jaye.

  • sid

    when i start the downloading in flash tool its not processing, why it is so?
    plz help me out

  • sid

    pehle batana nahi hota kya
    out dated version use karne bolte ho or fir kaam hi nahi hota

    • Don’t blame me. I have already added warning about the same. Nobody has forced you to do anything or follow this guide.
      If you’re not caring enough to read entire guide thoroughly, it is not my fault.

  • sid

    bhikari software

  • Alok

    after using this strick my phone is totally dead.its not switch on please tell me now what i to do?

    • brijesh yadav

      bhai plz help me…….what u did to restart…same problem here

  • brijesh yadav

    done all things correctly as mentioned above (not even seeing
    charging icon when i connect) but when i click on DOWNLOAD and connect
    my phone, it shows flash tool status bar in RED 0% and then immediately
    goes to green 100% with following errors –





    now my phone isnt starting at all. it is Micromax A106. what should i do now. please please reply!!!

  • Sebastian

    How to Root zenfone 5 ? the correct way please. Thanks.

  • thank you for this guide, it worked for me

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