How to Root Lenovo P780 with Framaroot

Lenovo may not sound as attractive as the other big names like Samsung and HTC but they seem to be doing exceptionally well in smartphone segment. The last year’s addition Lenovo P780 is still riding high with good set of specifications and in case you’re on of the owner of this smartphone, here’s how you can root Lenovo P780. Now, I know many of you would stop right there after hearing the word root and that’s probably because you don’t know the advantages. So, let me clear them out through the pre-rooting instructions.

How to Root Lenovo P780

The process of rooting Lenovo P780 is pretty darn easy. It involves nothing but the installation of a simple app called framaroot. So, let’s begin with some of the points that you should be aware of before rooting Lenovo P780.

Before You Proceed

  • One of the major disadvantage of rooting Lenovo’s P780 is related to the warranty. If you root this phone, you’ll no longer be able to avail the warranty.
  • Advantages include points like the ability to remove the unwanted pre-installed apps, ability to use SD card as internal memory and so on and so forth. Currently, developers are working on getting the SD card to be used as internal memory of Lenovo P780.
  • Now, before we begin, make sure that your phone i.e., Lenovo P780 has at least 70 percent or more battery left.
  • If you’ve any important files or apps that you want to backup, use this guide.
  • You’ll need an active internet connect. So make sure that you’re connected to WiFi or mobile internet.


With the help of this tiny little app called Framaroot, you’ll be able to root Lenovo P780. In order to download the latest version of this app, I would suggest you to head over to this page. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll find attachments to download.

How to Root Lenovo P780 – Step by Step Guide

  • As soon as you’ve downloaded the framaroot application, install it.
  • You may need to grant the permission to install the app externally. There’s no harm in doing so.
  • Double click on the app icon and you’ll see an initial window like shown belowHow to Root Lenovo P780 with Framaroot
  • Now, select the “Install Super SU” from the dropdown and click on the boromir. Both these options are highlighted in the screenshot above.
  • As soon as you click on the boromir, you’ll get a new popup with the message written as “Success. Super user and binary installed. Restart your phone.”
  • Click on the OK and simply restart/reboot your phone manually.

How to verify if the root on Lenovo P780 was successful?

There’s an easy way to verify if the root on Lenovo P780 was successful or not. All you’ve to do is open up the app drawer and look for an app called “Super SU”. If the application is present in the list, you’ve successfully rooted your Lenovo P780. If it isn’t present, you’ll need to redo the process from step 1. Here’s the small screenshot of how the icon or app will appear in app drawer window.

SuperSU installed on Lenovo P780

If there’re any issues regarding the process of rooting Lenovo P780, kindly put a comment below. Please explain as much as possible. This will help me in understanding your problem clearly.

[some images from – androidjugaad]

  • Vishal

    Hi I have tried above given process but still my phone is not rooted. 🙁

    • Pavan

      Hi Vishal,

      I’m here to help you. Let me know the step where you’ve encountered an error. A screenshot would give me a better idea.


  • amar

    But we can unroot our device, isn’t it? If so then warranty will be valid, right?

    • Pavan

      Hi Amar,

      It may or may not give you the warranty back. It all depends on the manufacturer. If the engineers at the service center finds out you’ve rooted your phone, the warranty wouldn’t be considered as valid.

      As of now, there’s no working method available to unroot Lenovo P780.

  • Marksken

    Installed and run several times, each time supersu is present but when running supersu it says no binary files and don’t know how to install, then stops working. P780 isn’t rooted.

    • NamanKomre

      did you enable USB debugging ?

      • Marksken

        Yes it was enabled. Is it possible there are traces left from a installation where a new installation failed? Because phone isn’t routed I can’t do much in the OS I guess

        • Pavan

          Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. It got stuck in spam folder.

          That is hardly possible. Somewhere something has gone wrong. Give it a try one more time.

  • Ritesh

    Not able to root. Getting this popup msg “Failed :-(… Try another exploit if available (Error #9)

    FYI: i have recently upgraded my lenovo p780 to kitkat 4.4.2

  • Bruker

    Hi thanks, I was able to get root on my Lenovo p780 android 4.2.2 4GB vibeui

  • anoop

    same error as ritesh told. how to root?

  • Christopher McAlpine

    Hi, I have tried several times but when I try and run the program I get a “Unfortunately, Framaroot has stopped” message.
    I have enabled debugging and have rebooted several times but

  • anil

    i am having lenovo 780 with kitkat 4.4.2 and tried farma root but dint have the binary code. now what next

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