How to Root InFocus M2 and install custom recovery

InFocus is still an unknown brand in Indian market but when it comes to American phone market, it is well established brand. The company has recently announced InFocus M2 in India which features 4.2 inch touch screen, 1.3 GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage and 2010 mAh battery power. The device is an instant hit in as far as online strategy is concerned and this is because of the low price that company has put up. The specifications are very well justified for this price range. The only down point that could make difference is an operating system version. The device runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat which is pretty much going into the darkness after Lollipop.

If you’ve purchased it recently, you would probably be looking for a way to root InFocus M2. Off course, this will allow you to remove those unwanted applications which comes preinstalled on this phone. This will also provide a way to install custom ROM on your device. So, let’s move ahead and see how we can root InFocus M2 and thereby install custom recovery onto it.

How to Root InFocus M2


  • Warning – Rooting voids warranty.
  • Your device might brick if you don’t follow these steps carefully. I’m not responsible for the same and you must understand that you’re following these steps even after knowing the risk involved.
  • This rooting process won’t delete anything from your internal memory. However, it is my strong advice to take backup of important messages, photos and files before proceeding.
  • Enable USB Debugging – In order to enable USB debugging, you should first go into the settings > about phone and tap on build number seven times. This will show the section i.e., Developer options in settings. Now, go into settings > developer options > USB Debugging and enable it by putting a tick mark against the option.
  • Your phone should have a battery backup of at least 75% or more.

Downloads for rooting InFocus M2

Rooting InFocus M2

  • Download and install InFocus USB Drivers and iRoot software from the links provided in download section above.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using USB data cable.
  • If you have installed drivers and iRoot software properly, you will see “connected” message in the iRoot software window.
  • In iRoot window, click on Root button to start the process of rooting InFocus M2. This might take several minutes.
  • As soon as the rooting process gets over, your phone will restart automatically. Subsequently, you will see success message in iRoot software window. You can now unplug your phone from the computer.
  • If you would like to install a custom recovery on your phone, you can follow the guide here onwards. I would strongly recommend you to hold off for a few days and see how your device is performing. A custom recovery is only needed when you would like to install a custom ROM. If you’re really fine with the ROM provided by the company, you shouldn’t install custom recovery.

For the folks who would like to install custom recovery –

Downloads related to installing custom recovery on InFocus M2

Steps to install custom recovery on InFocus M2

  • Download and save custom recovery file on your computer. Extract the contents of this file. The password for this compressed file is “taiwan101” without double quotes.
  • Now, download and install ADB/Fastboot from the link provided above.
  • Click on the shortcut icon of Minimal ADB Fastboot on your desktop. This will open up a new command window.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using data cable.
  • Open up the command window and type in this command – adb reboot bootloader
  • This command will reboot your phone in fastboot mode.
  • Now it is time to flash the custom recovery. Write down this command in command prompt window – fastboot flash ClickWorkMod-recovery-Infocus-M2.img
  • You can rename that img file and put in that new name in above command.
  • This will boot your phone in custom recovery mode. You should now write this command – fastboot reboot

That’s it. We are absolutely done with the process of installing a custom recovery on InFocus M2. I don’t think there would be any problem in the process above. However, if you’re still stuck somewhere, you can comment below with your problem. Please be specific and elaborate your problem properly. This will allow me to put forward proper suggestions and steps.

  • Shawn Wright Jorge

    Is there any other method to enter fastboot mode? i kind of bricked my phone it keeps restarting i want to factory reset it somehow… Please help

    • You can perhaps try booting into recovery. You’ll need to install ADB tool. After installing, you can put this command (provided your phone is connected to PC via USB cable)

      adb reboot recovery

      • Shawn Wright Jorge

        Hi, thanks a lot for replying, the thing is- when i switch on the phone it starts and after showing the InFocus logo it restarts again and sometimes shows the lock screen and immediately restarts and then same cycle starts again so i cant enter into the boot-loader,
        But I somehow connected the phone to pc with usb cable and switched on with (-)volume button and it entered the fastboot mode but now the Minimal ADB and Fastboot is not accepting any commands, i gave your first command and it says “error device not found” and for second command it says” waiting for device”

        • Once it is in fastboot mode, you will need to use fastboot specific commands. My command i.e., adb reboot recovery won’t work.

          So, once you’re in fastboot mode, use following commands –

          fastboot devices

          It will show devices connected to your computer. Then, enter next command as

          fastboot reboot recovery

          Let me know how it goes.

          • Shawn Wright Jorge

            its not showing anything.. 🙁

          • What does it say after entering this command – fastboot reboot recovery

          • Shawn Wright Jorge

            it says “waiting for device” .

          • I guess you’ll need to visit service center now.

            You can try my method of booting into recovery. If somehow you boot into recovery, do hard reset.

            Another alternative is to flash stock ROM again.

          • Shawn Wright Jorge

            okk thanx for ur time and help sir.. i will go to service center, and is there any way i can flash stock rom with the condition of my phone?

          • Highly unlikely. If it would have been recognized by your computer, there was possibility.

          • Shawn Wright Jorge

            I can see that its recognized by my computer in the “Device and Printers” but Minimal ADB and Fastboot cant recognize it.

  • Kaustubh Sonarkar

    @bawdane3:disqus Hello sir. I found that i’ve bricked my phone by installing the system update after i rooted my device. Now my device keeps on restarting again and again. I think i have same problem as @Shawn Wright Jorge:disqus had. When i connect my phone to PC through USB cable and enter the adb reboot bootloader command it keeps me saying “device not found” . I think my phone will be unbricked and back to normal if i do hard reset, but the battery is non-removable so it doesn’t start the system. When I try to press ” Down Volume Button + Power Key ” for entering hard reset option it doesn’t work. Please help me.

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