How to Root Asus Zenfone 5

Have you purchased Asus Zenfone recently? If so, we have something special for you. Today, I will be talking about a small tutorial on how to root Asus Zenfone 5. Asus has re-attempted to enter the already heating Indian smartphone market with its Zenfone series announced at CES. The new smartphone series comes with choice of four different screen sizes: 4-inches, 4.5-inches, 5-inches and 6-inches. And although all four devices are awesome, the one that’s attracting most momentum is Zenfone 5, because it’s being touted as a direct competitor to Moto G. With larger display, in-built storage of 8GB, expandable storage of 64GB, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM, it beats Moto G at every point.

If you already have this awesome smartphone and are willing to root it then the good news is that it’s not very difficult. Yep, thanks to developers, the process of rooting a Zenfone 5 is simpler than the process of rooting other smartphones. And you’ve arrived at the right place to learn that process. Given below is the entire step-by-step process that you can follow to root Asus Zenfone 5.

How to Root Asus Zenfone 5

How to Root Asus Zenfone 5


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Note: Before you begin the process I would like to tell you that rooting the phone will void your warranty. You may also end up bricking your phone if something wrong goes with the process, so please proceed at your own risk only. If something goes wrong, unrooting the phone may help in reinstating the warranty but you’ll have to find an unrooting process for doing that.


  • Download the Zenfone Root APK file from here and save it to your PC.
  • Charge your phone at least 70% – 80%. The process will go on smoothly.
  • Backup all your important files and data before starting the process so you don’t end up loosing everything if something goes wrong.

All set? okay, let’s dive into the rooting process now:

Steps to root Asus Zenfone 5

  1. Connect your Zenfone 5 to PC via USB cable and copy the Zenfone Root APK file that you downloaded recently from PC to SD card.
  2. Once it’s there in your SD card, remove the USB cable and disconnect your device from the PC.
  3. Now head over to the security settings of your smartphone by navigating to Menu > Settings > Security and enable the option of installing apps from unknown sources.
  4. Open your desired file manager and navigate to the Zenfone Root APK file that you pasted in your SD card.
  5. Tap the file and start installing it like any other application.
  6. Once it’s installed, open the application from your phone’s app drawer.
  7. In the application interface, selection SuperSu (by Chainfire).
  8. Now tap on  “OK I know, please root!” button.
  9. After the process ends, your Zenfone 5 will be rooted completely.

Congratulations! Now your Zenfone 5 is rooted and you can explore a whole new world of root-only applications that was unavailable for your device till now. Go and check out some awesome root-only apps and themes in the Play Store, there’re a lot of them waiting for you. Or you can also clean up some space by deleting the useless apps that come pre-installed on the phone and keep eating memory and battery resources continuously. The possibilities are endless now!

  • Syed Usman

    Hi Ashish Bhatnagar,
    I just bought this phone today i.e., on 04/11/2014. I had locked something on Safe Gallery and this Asus Zenofone 5 doensn’t allow me to unlock it. In case I root this phone by the process given above, will I be able to have my private data unlocked?
    Also, please tell me what all things can be done after rooting this phone?
    Waiting for you response.
    Syed usman

  • Syed Usman

    Download the Zenfone Root APK file from here and save it to your PC.

    The link didn’t work, when I tried downloading the APK file.

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