How to Install Android L alongside Paranoid Android ROM

Trying to figure out how to install Android L on your Nexus 5? Well, there are quite a few guide available on that and we might come up with a dedicated guide on that shortly. Till then, would you like to install Android L alongside Paranoid Android ROM? Just now, I installed Android L on Nexus 5 alongside Paranoid Android ROM which has now given me the option of booting into Paranoid Android as well as Android L whenever I want.

If you are also looking to achieve something like this, I’m here to explain the steps. Before getting into the actual guide, let me remind you of keeping the battery to be more than 50% and turning on the USB debugging from developer options. Following are the requirements that you should full fill before getting started.

PS: Nothing from your storage would be wiped; not even apps and games data. All your documents, pictures and images will remain intact. However, it is better to take precautions and therefore I would recommend you to take backup (in case you mess up somewhere).

How to Install Android L Developer Preview alongside Paranoid Android - Nexus 5


  • You must have TWRP recovery installed on your Nexus 5.
  • You must have Paranoid Android installed on your phone.
  • Your phone must be rooted (off course)
  • Battery – 50% +
  • The internal available memory should be more than 3GB.

Files needed

How to Install Android L alongside Paranoid Android ROM

  • Assuming that you’re on Paranoid Android ROM, the very first thing that you need to do is download AndroidL flashable zip, Modified kernel and Super SU form the links given above. Move them all in your Nexus 5. (Just create folder named AAA so that it will remain on top in recovery)
  • Download and install Multi ROM app from play store. As soon as it has been installed, open it up and you will see the following screen (before installation screenshot on left) with red text label mentioning that Multi ROM and Multi ROM Recovery is not installed
  • By default, MultiROM v25 (no other version) and Recovery options would be checked. You’ll need to tick the checkbox for Kernel too. Once you’ve checked these three checkboxes, click on install.

    Multi ROM Before And Aftere Installation - Nexus 5

    MultiROM – Before on the left and After on the right

  • This will download and install the stuff that we have just checked. At the end, you will be asked to reboot your phone. Just do it and after the phone has booted, open the app again to see if these things have got installed or not. The screenshot above shows you the “after installation” view.
  • Now, once your screen looks exactly similar to what I’ve shown in the screenshot above, you’re good to go ahead.
  • Boot into the TWRP recovery and tap on the advance > multiboot > add ROM. You’ll see bunch of options here. Don’t change any default options and let them be whatever they are. Click next and you’ll be asked to select ROM source file.
  • Click on ZIP file option and select the ROM file that is in our case.
  • Slide to flash the zip. Upon completion, DON”T CLICK ON REBOOT SYSTEM
  • Click on the home on-screen button(left bottom corner) which will take you to the TWRP recovery home.
  • Again go to the Advance > Multi ROM> List ROM (not add ROM this time) and select the ROM that we have just added.
  • You’ll see bunch of options here. On the left side, you will find “Flash ZIP” button (beside sideload). Tap on this “flash ZIP” button.
  • Select the modified kernel file and flash it up on your nexus 5.
  • Upon completion, again go back to the TWRP recovery home (don’t just reboot system now).
  • Go to the advance > Multi ROM > List ROM > Select the ROM and click on flash zip to flash the Super SU file.
  • Thats it. You can now reboot the system.
  • You’ll see a new window appearing just during the boot to select your ROM. Tap anywhere on this window to select your ROM i.e., Android L from the list. Tap on the blue boot button and let it start the booting process.
  • The initial boot i.e., first boot will take time like 7 to 10 minutes or even more in extremely rare cases.

That’s it! Enjoy your Android L developer preview alongside Paranoid Android. You can switch back to the Paranoid Android while booting and selecting the Internal OS as option.

If there are any questions and queries, feel free to comment below.

Credits to our author Naman Komre for helping me out with the process. He deserves High five! Right?

  • LuckyHermit

    Thanks for this, but one discrepancy I saw was that you don’t need paranoid android installed for this to work. I have stock rooted 4.4.4 installed as my primary ROM, and all works well.

    • Yes, all works well with other ROMs as well but since I tested it on PA ROM, I wrote the post in that context. 🙂

  • Lukas Jantke

    Thanks for this guide.;) Can you tell if it’s possible to flash franco kernel afterwards again on PA ? Or do I have to stay on this modify kernel ? Thanx in advance

    • Modified kernel is only for Android L rom so you can Flash any kernel on PA which supports multirom. Franco kernel does support multirom so you can Flash it on PA.

      • Lukas Jantke

        Thanks. I wasn’t sure because in the multirom app, it shows me that this special patch for multirom was not part of my actual kernel(franco) so I installed an other kernel from the app.

  • ira kest

    THANK YOU!!!!

    • Glad to help. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Brandon F

    quick question do u have to wipe cache, data, and dalvik or will it wipe its self during this process???

    • No, you don’t need to wipe anything.

  • Manjurul Islam

    So I have stock rooted android 4.4.2 and multirom v26 installed on it, so if I install this android L, will it hamper or erase my installed apps and data on the primary ROM if installed as secondary ROM?

    • Your primary room will remain untouched. Thats the beauty of multirom. All apps and data on primary rom is completely safe.

      • Manjurul Islam

        Yeah I know the benefit of multirom, but above guide has stated this “PS: Nothing from your storage would be wiped except apps and games data.”, so a bit confused that why as a secondary ROM it will wipe apps and data?

        • Sorry about the confusion. Not even apps and games will be wiped. Only whats app will need to verify your number evertime you switch your ROM.
          Hope this clears up the doubt. (editing that section of article).

          • Tjhackz

            Actually that issue can also be solved. Just take the backup of your Whatsapp from your old ROM (Primary) ROM and restore it to newly installed one. Reason for varification is that Whatsapp has some sort of ANdroidID with its requests. So each ROM has their different ID. So to solve it, just take backup and dump it to your new rom. Done. Currently I’m on quad boot on my N5 (Stock, MIUI, L and Ubuntu touch) and successfully running Whatsapp on 3 of them. 🙂

  • Ace

    I did everything as instructed but when i tried to boot to android l, it asked me to use a kernel with kexec-hardboot . i am running a custom rom. Does it have anything to do with it ?

    • It seems that you haven’t installed modified kernel. You need to install that kernel as well.

  • Gonza Rohrer

    Thanks!! I’ve done everything as listed and had no problems. The only thing is that the ROM isn’t rooted. SuperSU is installed, it provides root acces to the apps, but it doesn’t work, none of them get real root access. What is wrong?

  • Sky

    Does this work with Google Galaxy Nexus?

  • Beastwtq .

    Done the same with the Nexus 7. If you have kexec hardboot issue, install the ElementalX kernel on then internal rom.

  • Matthew Calapai

    Great Tutorial! Just A few questions though:
    1. Will I be able to install this on my rooted OnePlus One with Paranoid Android?
    2. Will this work with the Paranoid Android Kernel or do I have to install another Kernel (Don’t know how to do that)?
    3. Will this work with the AOSP Android Lollipop zip?


  • Jeffrey Gao

    Does this work with CyanogenMod ad my primary ROM?

  • Jeffrey Gao

    I tried it alongside CyanogenMod, the first time i treid to boot android L it just kept going back to recovery

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