Google testing new layout for web-based version of Play store

Seems like Google is on a redesigning mission from last few months. After a dramatic materialization of whole Android user interface now it’s the time for a redesigned version of web-based Play Store. However, the update we’re talking about isn’t a material design styled change coming to the online version of Google Play. In fact, it’s nowhere close to that. It’s a simple layout change for app pages that’ll provide more visibility to similar apps section.

While web-based version of Play Store has always been a step behind in terms of populaity and usage, it’s still an equally important part of the equation. There’re a lot of users who like discovering new apps from the web-based version of Google Play simply because a large desktop screen provides much more space and clarity to the details of new apps they’re discovering. Plus, the ease of being able to install the app directly from the web-based version of store also adds up to its usability. And while mobile app of Play Store has been optimized several times for better experience and usability, the web version hasn’t seen too many touch-ups. This layout will change that thing for good.

Google Play Store - Redesign

Google Play Store – Redesign

Now don’t be concerned if you can’t see any layout change after visiting Play Store in your own web browser. The change seems to be in beta stage, perhaps being tested for results. Only a few people have been able to see the change till now so it must be in beta-testing phase before being launched publicly. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your browser and you’ll be able to see the change when it’s launched.

The new layout, if goes live publicly, may mark the end of full-width layout that we currently see on the app pages of Google Play. It’s a narrower three-column layout in which everything looks more compact. The new design makes best use of widescreen monitors by arranging “Similar apps” and “More from developer” sections in the new vertical right-most column of store. This is the only major change seen till now. Everything else like home page, media pages (those for movies, books etc.) and search page look same till now and no design change has been witnessed in them.

The new design has more chances of increasing app and game installs, which will bring in more revenue for both Google and app developers. We’ll keep an eye on the Play Store and will update you if new layout goes live publicly, so keep visiting.

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