Google releases Android 4.4.4, minor fixes in the bag

What? Android 4.4.4? But they just released Android 4.4.3. Fortunately, the title that you read is true as Google has released Android 4.4.4 update for its nexus series smartphones which includes Nexus 5 and Nexus 4. In addition to these two smartphones, the update is also being rolled out for the nexus tablets such as nexus 7 2012, 2013 and nexus 10.  According to the reports from xda, the update is aimed at providing fixes to the OpenSSL vulnerabilities and other security related issues. There are no changes to the user interface whatsoever and therefore you won’t notice anything new while on this update.

As expected nexus line up is first to get the test of Android 4.4.4 update. The factory images for nexus 4, 5, 7 (both 2012 and 2013) and nexus 10 have already been published on the Google’s developer page. Users can directly download this from the webpage and install on their smartphone. Alternatively, they can also wait for a week to get the update notification on their smartphone.

Android 4.4.4 Update changelog

Android 4.4.4 Update

  • Fixes: Open SSL vulnerabilities
  • Other security and logging related bug fixes
  • Changes/Fixes: Compatibility test suite (CTS)

As we write this article, we have the confirmation that the OTA update roll out for nexus 5 has already began and other devices including the Google play edition devices are expected to get the update in coming days (should be within a week or two). This android 4.4.4 update has the size of just 2.5 MB. The build number is expected to get bumped to KTU84P from the Android 4.4.3 KTU84M. 

In related news, a recently released promo banner about the fifa score tracker in Google now, we noticed the time to be 5.00 which eventually lead to the various debates on next major android version being numbered Android 5.0. This post explains why we think it is true and it should happen in this Google I/O.

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