Google may announce Android M at I/O 2015

Android 5.0 and 5.1 Lollipop updates are still far away from majority of devices, but Android’s next new version in the alphabetical order seems to be coming out in a matter of few days. Yep – Android M may be revealed at this year’s I/O conference, as details about it appeared for a short time in the conference schedule released by Google. You can see it in the image given below:

As you can see from the description given above, Android M seems to be an update focused mainly on improving the workplace experience of Android. This should give you a sigh of relief if your device is still stuck on KitKat or Jelly Bean like the majority of devices out there.

Don’t expect this update to bring a radically different user experience – it has already been done with Lollipop. What this next update may bring, however, will be enhancements and new features that make Android experience even more pleasing, especially at workplaces. From that perspective it won’t be wrong to call it a minor update, but technically it may also be a major one as Google has decided to invest its next precious alphabet in its name instead of a numerical value!

As of now nothing much is known about the features that it may bring to Android experience, but a few ones are expected based on rumors and description that you can read in the image given above. For example:

  • The description given above suggests that some major features for logistics, warehousing and deskless workers may be a part of Android M.
  • And the rumor mill suggests that in next update Google may unify its notification system across all the devices that we use. This will allow us to check all our notifications on any of our devices, and if we dismiss a notification from one device then it may automatically be dismissed from other devices as well.
  • Support for Android Auto and Android TV can also be expected.
  • Last, but certainly not least, some new features may be released for Android Wear as well. Google is facing stiff competition from Apple in the wearable devices segment as later has already shipped one million smartwatches, so it’ll definitely do something to increase its share in the wearable tech segment.

It’ll be interesting to see what is revealed at May 28 in San Francisco. Keep visiting us for more updates on the story!

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