Google Calendar gets material design update

Okay, so here comes a great update with which you can head start your November. Starting today, Android users can enjoy the experience of Google Calendar’s Material Design update. Right now update is being rolled out only for devices that’re running Android 5.0 Lollipop, but we believe that a version for devices with Android 4.1 or higher is also on its way and may appear in Play Store anytime!

What makes this new update more important than all others till now are a whole lot of new features. Material design is just one aspect of those features. Several other cool new features have also been added to the app, which make it the best Google Calendar app ever. Given below are details about those features:

Google Calender Updated on Android 5 Lolipop

1. Events from GMail

Whenever you book something online using your GMail address, you get an email. From flights to hotels to reservations, for everything you receive an email notification with details in your GMail Inbox. And then begins the painful task of copying and pasting all those details into Google Calendar for creating an event. That’s no longer the case. New version of Google Calendar can automatically pull such events directly from your GMail Inbox. Integration with GMail seems a logical decision because Google Now can already pull such context clues from GMail. And if it can pull such clues from GMail, why can’t it add them to Calendar as well? And if you feel that it’s not as smart as advertised or you don’t want this feature for any reason, you can turn it off easily!

2. Assists

We saw the cool concept of Assists with recently launched Google Inbox, and now it’s available in Google Calendar too! It makes adding new events easier than ever by providing relevant suggestions as you type the details of your event. Overtime it learns from your habits and adapts to your them to make your work even easier. For example, if you regularly go to gym with one of your friends at a particular time, in a few days it’ll learn that and will provide suggestions related to it as soon as you start typing “g-y-m…” to create an event. Yet again, this also seems to be a little bit of Google Now and Inbox magic integrated into Google Calendar.

3. Schedule View

While making calendar useful is one part of the story, making it beautiful is another. New version of Google Calendar aims at making the boring calendar beautiful by adding photos and maps to the places you go, cityscapes of popular travel destinations and details about events like dinner, gym activities, drinks and so on. It’s like a mobile-optimized version of Agenda for your smartphone. You’ll also find a full-month view to the right side of agenda-styled list in tablet layout of new app. All these images and content not only make the calendar an eye candy, but also help in scanning the whole calendar at a glance!

If you’re using an Android 5.0 based device, this is a major update for you. Give it a shot, and sound your views about it in the comments section below.

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