Google adds support for third-party cards in Google Now

Google Now has always been good enough to present the right information at the right time. Starting from today, it’s getting even better at it. Today Google announced in a blog post that it’s adding support for information cards from 40 third-party apps to Google Now. It means starting from today you’ll see Google Now presenting information in form of cards from third-party apps as well.

According to Aparna Chennapragada, product director, Google Now, a lot of useful information resides inside the third-party apps on your phone. Currently you’ve only two ways to access this information:

  1. Opening the app manually when you need access to information, or,
  2. Receiving a notification from the app, which you may discard if shown at the wrong time.
Third-party cards in Google now

Third-party cards in Google now

Starting from today, there’ll be an even better way to deal with such kind of information. Google Now will pull that information from third-party apps for you and will present it to you at the right time. For example:

  • You may receive information cards from Kayak while planning a trip,
  • Airbnb may ask you via card to book a rental that you checked out days before you plan to rent,
  • Pandora may recommend music through Google Now cards when you’re off to work,
  • News apps like The Guardian can push out cards with news headlines at the right time depending on your reading behavior,
  • And finally, there will also be cards triggered by your location. For example, if next time Lyft pushes out a card automatically asking you to book a ride for your hotel as soon as you arrive at the Airport, don’t be surprised. It’s the magic of Google Now!

Cool, isn’t it?

To make this work you’ll have to download latest versions of your favorite apps in your smartphone. Plus, you’ll have to update the Google app from Play Store. As of now only 40 apps have been integrated including The Guardian, Airbnb, The Economist, Tripadvisor, Mint, Lyft, Zillow and Duolingo etc. Indian apps adding support soon include The Economic Times, Housing, BookMyShow, ICICI Bank, ESPNcricinfo and others. Support for other apps will also be added when their developers fine-tune the apps according to new functionality.

According to Google’s vision, Google Now is the future of Search. If it keeps improving the software like this, then definitely it seems like the future of search. What do you think about this new feature? Do let us know in the comments!

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