Get Paid Everytime You Unlock Your Android Phone

We’ve seen ads appearing as pop-ups or banners in apps we use and games we play, then came ads on our notification bar… but now, can you imagine them present on your lock-screen? This correctly, means, every time you switch on your phone/turn on the screen; your slide to unlock/PIN/Password would be accompanied by an advertisement.

It sounds absolutely pathetic. But what If we tell you that every time you unlock your phone, you make cash out of it? Yes, what if you get paid to use your phone? That’s exactly what is being offered by the new application called Locket.

Let’s understand how Locket works:

How it works?

Locket replaces your stock lock schemes (be it be a slide, or PIN or password or the new one: BLOW!!), which reflects that you would not be able to use the existing method. This app (Locket) would take over the current system and replace it with it’s own version of slide-to-unlock. Slide to the left to see the paid media like Ads, Twitter Handle feeds for contest, trailers etc or swipe right to continue to unlock your phone to use.. All of this pays you. I am sure, you already would have started searching for this app on your app store. 😀


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