Flappy Bird comes to Android Wear [Ported]

Around 6 months ago we saw a Flappy Bird clone “Flopsy Droid” landing on smartwatches, and now it’s time for something even better – Android Developer Corbin Davenport has been successful in loading the original Flappy Bird on Android Wear. If you like perfection and are a purist from the heart, you’ll definitely love this one. And although you may be questioning the gaming experience on a screen as small as a watch, still the fact is it plays extremely well. However, how much you like installing such a time-killer on your watch is completely your choice. Earlier this year Flappy Bird received a lot of criticism across the globe for its addictive nature; so much that its developer decided to pull off the game from Play Store. Many people found game too difficult to quit, but still it has an important place in many hearts.

Flappy Bird on Android Wear

Flappy Bird on Android Wear

If you want to install the game on your smartwatch, first of all a little bit of disappointment for you – you can’t install it like any other app from Play Store because the change isn’t official. You’ll need a special version of its apk file patched by Jrummy16. This version of apk has been modified to prevent crashes on the watch. Once you get it, you’ll have to sideload it with the help of some ADB commands. The method may no be too much user-friendly for non-developers, and you should proceed only if you know what are you doing. If you’re still convinced to proceed, the steps of sideloading apps using ADB can be found here on Corbin’s website.

The ported version of game looks quite similar to the original version that we play on our smartphones. Of course, with a little bit of clipping, which can be expected due to different user interface and hardware. Since resource requirements of this game aren’t too much, you won’t face any major performance or battery related issues as well. However, it should be kept in mind that ultimately a smartwatch is not a phone – it’s a watch, and people should stop treating it as an independent smartphone. Instead, they should be used as an easier way to deal with notifications, as Google intended, to maximize their potential. If you still want to give it a shot, go ahead. You may wanna check Flopsy Droid as well, which is akin to Flappy Bird with same kind of tapping gameplay.

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