Digiflip Pro Review (XT712 ): First Tablet From Flipkart

There was a time when iPad used to be the king of tablets. Then Google released non-popular tablet OS called honeycomb which failed miserably falling way behind what iPads had achieved. But now, the scenario has changed and Android is all over the tablet market. After some desi OEM’s like Micromax and Xolo, Flipkart has finally launched its own tablet Digiflip Pro XT712. The device has been priced at Rs 9999 which is fairly decent. Additionally, Flipkart is also giving some offers like shopping discounts and free e-books with the tablet (and we all know why is that) . There has been a lot of buzz around this tablet and we decided to writed detailed DigiFlip Pro tablet review.

Digiflip Pro Review (XT712)

DigitFlip Pro XT712 Tablet Black on FlipkartRs 9999
DigitFlip Pro XT712 Tablet White on FlipkartRs 9999

Digiflip Pro Tablet Review

Build Quality and Display

Digiflip Pro has got a Medium bezel design and metal construction which feels sturdy in hand. The device is little shorter in dimensions when compared to nexus 7 (2012).
The tablet is quite thin (9.2mm) and light (285gms) as compared to other competitors like Galaxy tab in the market. The back panel of this device is made up of plastic and you might end up breaking it while removing it from the tablet. The power key is on the left side of the device which might disappoint right handed users. Apart from all these things, everything is fine and tablet just feels like a premium device.

Digiflip Pro XT712 tablet has 7 inch display with resolution of 1200×800 and has pixel density of 216ppi. The viewing angles are above average and color reproduction is also fine. The touch screen supports 5 fingers at a time. Color saturation is also fine and blacks are quite deep. Overall, the screen gets good marks for what it delivers at the price.

Processor and Gaming

Digiflip Pro XT712 tablet has 1.4Ghz Quad core Cortex A7 MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM. The device performs really well while dealing with 2-4 apps simultaneously, but starts lagging if used heavily. The processor gets heat up quickly and you can feel it because of its metal back panel. I advice you to buy dairy cover, if you are going to buy this tablet. It is available with 20% discount at Flipkart, it also makes tablet look and feel premium.
Coming to gaming, you can play games like Temple run, Asphalt 8 and Real racing 3 with few frame drops depending upon the scene. Intense graphics make device lag a bit. But apart from these heavy games, tablet is capable of running not so graphics intense games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Where is my water. At this price the device performs fairly well without any complaints. Talking about the video playback, 1080p videos with high frame rate somewhat lags but 720p runs fine even with high frame rate.


Vellamo metal655


The Digiflip Pro XT712 tablet is almost stock which increases its probability to get next version of Android. Currently it runs on Android 4.2 Jelly bean which might be disappointing for some people, as most of the new tablets come with Kitkat out of the box. There are few pre-loaded applications like Facebook, flipkart, flipkart e-book, Adobe Flash and MX player. There is no or very less bloat in this tablet. The software provides smooth experience with normal multitasking. As I said earlier, it lags with heavy multitasking, but not much. Flipkart should update this tablet to Kitkat if they wanted to make some space in Indian market for their brand. As nexus tablets, You would be able to use all Google services in this tablet without any hassle.


The device has 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera for video calling. The camera output is perfectly fine for this price and it provides images with good amount of details. You can record 720p video at 30 fps with above average quality. Images are also crisp and colors are near to accurate. Overall, the camera provides satisfactory results.


The device has only 3000mAh of battery, which is capable of running the tablet continuously for 5-6 hours including games, videos, WiFi browsing and music playback. It would have been great if it had at least 4000mAh of battery. From a tablet, people always expect more in terms of multimedia experience which is somehow dependent on good battery life.

Connectivity and Other Features

The tablet supports dual sim with 3G connectivity. It also supports voice calling, a much needed feature for Indian users. The tablet has other usual connectivity options like bluetooth, GPS. It also supports USB OTG, which means you can plug your USB pendrives and transfer the data from tablet to pendrive and vice versa.

The device has 16GB internal memory which can be extended upto 32GB with the help of micro sd card slot. Surprisingly, the tablet has all kinds of sensors like accelerometer, proximity, ambient light and gyroscope.


The Digiflip Pro XT712 tablet is an amazing device at amazing price. It looks good, performs well and has all the features which a greedy user needs. The processor somewhat lags behind Qualcomm’s snapdragon processor but provides better battery life. The speaker is not loud enough and you might end up wanting more. Apart from these things, a big thumbs up for Digiflip Pro XT712.

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