Cyanogen partners with Boxer to launch dedicated email app

Seems like Cyanogen doesn’t want to leave any room when it comes to standing out from the crowd. There’s already no shortage of user experiences in Android smartphone market. Nearly every manufacturer has its own, whether the’re established players like Samsung and HTC or new entrants like Xiaomi, OnePlus or Yureka. Needless to say that in such a sea of choices every manufacturer must stand for something if it wants to have a meaningful presence. And it must be said that so far Cyanogen has been doing a great job of differentiating its offering from the crowd – Cyanogen OS is smoother, more customizable and more feature-rich than any other user experience. These key differentiation has earned Cyanogen a loyal following that drives a significant part smartphone sales for its partners, one of which is Micromax in India.

Today company added another new feature that’ll make its product even more different than the offering of competitors. It has rolled out a new simple-yet-powerful email client for Cyanogen OS in partnership with Boxer. In case you never used anything else except for Gmail’s own app, we would like to introduce Boxer here in one line: it’s a popular (actually not so popular) third-party email app available for both iOS and Android, particularly known for its unique design and “quick replies.”

The irony about the Cyanogen’s email app powered by Boxer is this:  It looks completely different from the one available in Play Store. Feature-wise it’s the Pro version of Boxer app, custom designed to match the UI of Cyanogen OS. Here are some of its cool features:

  • Native support for Gmail labels
  • Combined inbox
  • Customizable controls – assign your desired actions to any particular gesture
  • Email conversation views
  • Assign LED colors to your desired email accounts for notification purposes
  • Create custom inbox folders
  • Create tasks with complete information like due date, priority and even assign them to your team directly from the inbox
  • Integration support for all popular productivity apps like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and so on.

Cyanogen has said that new email client will reach to existing users with upcoming Cyanogen OS 12 update while in upcoming devices it’ll come pre-installed out of the box. So, Yureka users will have a dedicated email app in a matter of few days. It’ll be interesting to see what OnePlus and Xiaomi do next.

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