4 cool iOS 8 features that already exist in Android

It’s well known fact that Apple has launched iOS 8 along with two new iPhones recently. And it’s also needless to say that as always once again company has deemed it as innovative (and actually, it really is). If you recently got your hands on an iPhone running iOS 8 and after seeing its features if you’re wondering if you can have them on your android phone, we have something for you. You’re actually in luck, because in this article we’re going to talk about some cool iOS 8 features which are already available on Android.

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iOS 8 features that are available on Android

iOS8 Features

1.iCloud Photo Library

iCloud photo library allows users to sync their photos and videos from multiple devices. It automatically stores photos and videos in the cloud and syncs them across devices, which allows you to access them from other devices at a later time as long as you don’t need more than 5GB of storage.

iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library

You can avail the same feature on Android too. If you’re on the latest version then it shouldn’t be much difficult to find it. Google+ Photos is the name of that feature. You don’t even face a storage limit with this tool!

2. Hey Siri (Ok, Google)

‘Hey Siri’ is an improved version of Apple’s original voice assistant Siri, which now comes with support of more than 22 languages. It allows users to perform various tasks by the help of dictation. For instance, you can dictate an email, an SMS, a Facebook status update or even a tweet. You can also search Shazam for song recognition or search web for information.

Hey Siri

Launching of Hey Siri

This feature is known as ‘OK Google’ in Android based devices. If you’ve a device that runs Android 4.4 or later then you can use this feature on your device. The assistant can be activated by saying “Okay Google” and apart from typing of email and SMS it can do many other tasks of Siri for you on your Android device. The voice typing feature of various keyboards can complete the job of dictating an email or SMS for you.

3. iCloud Drive

Another improvement that you may like in iOS 8 is iCloud Drive. Needless to say that it stores your files and data in iCloud, which you can sync across multiple devices. For free usage it has a limit of 5GB.

iCloud drive

iCloud drive

Same thing is available in Android from a long time and we call it Google Drive. It does the same job that iCloud Drive does. Better yet, its storage limit is higher than iCloud Drive – it provides 15GB of free space to users.

4. QuickType


Launching of QuickType

In the world of Apple it’s known as QuickType because it helps users in typing faster by offering suggestions based on their typing habits. In Android we can call it Google Keyboard, SwiftKey or something else that we like to use – all these third party keyboards available in the Play Store allow you to type faster by offering personalized suggestions, making corrections and so on. These keyboards also come with various dictionaries and support of Voice Typing.

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