Celkon A35K vs Moto E: Head to Head Comparison

Celkon A35K as we know is the cheapest android kitkat smartphone available in the market. We reviewed it in previous article and found it to be good enough for normal usage. But how is it as compared to the other smartphones from almost the similar price range? The low budget segment is currently under the domination of Moto E and therefore the comparison between Moto E and Celkon A35K is one of the most requested battle from various readers. So in this article I would be comparing each and every tiny detail about both these phones and will conclude the result in the end. Here it starts, Celkon A35K vs Moto E

Celkon A35K vs Moto E

Celkon A35K vs Moto E

Celkon A35K vs Moto E

Moto E on FlipkartRs 6999
Celkon A35K on SnapdealRs 2999


Both the devices have different size of screens, Moto E has 4.3 inch display with resolution of 960×590 whereas Celkon A35K has 3.5 inch display with resolution of 480×32. Moto E possesses much higher ppi than that of Celkon A35K which means it renders better images. Images on Moto E are crisp and sharp, whereas images on Celkon A35K are big and not sharp at all. Moto E earns far more points when comparing the screens of both the phones.

Processing Power

Celkon has single core 1GHz CPU which is  not used now a days in any of the smartphones. But to keep the price low Celkon has used 1Ghz single core processor. The processing power of Celkon A35K is far less than Moto E. Moto E is fluid most of the time where as Celkon struggles to run with ease. Not to forget Moto E has dual core qualcomm snapdragon processor, which ensures that the device performs consistent and smooth. Overall, Moto E performs really well and Celkon A35K lags badly.

Looks and build quality

We all love Moto E, for its looks, price and the performance it provides at this price. However, Celkon A35K is not far behind. Considering the price, Celkon A35K has good build quality and has looks too. Though, they are inherited from other available smartphones in the industry. In terms of looks and quality both the devices have their charm in respective price brackets.


Both the devices come with Latest Android 4.4 kitkat. Moto E has almost stock software as Celkon. But I found Moto’s software to be more stable, fluid and fast. That might be because of its better specs, but it really scores. In software’s segment, Moto E is as good as a high end nexus device.

Battery Life

I am not going to talk about figures here, but will tell you who gives better battery backup. Moto E impressed me which its bettery life with over 3 days with low to medium usage. I was using single sim in both of the phones but Celkon A35K managed to extend upto 1.5 days only whereas Moto E surprised me with 3 days of battery backup. The standby time of Moto E great unlike Celkon.

Value for Money

Moto E initial sales was record breaking, there is no competition in this segment, whereas Celkon A35K sales are not at all up to the mark. Moto E provides good values and features for its price and same goes with Celkon A35. But, the brand value always wins. Moto has not only done good promotion but provided better service centers across the country whereas Celkon facing lot of problems to establish properly. After sales service of Celkon is underwhelming and Moto scores here. No doubt Moto E is a value for money device.


The conclusion for Celkon A35K vs Moto E is, both the devices are great at their respective prices. However, I would suggest you to go with Moto E because of its software, processing power, battery life, after sales service, value for money and better build quality. This doesn’t mean Celkon A35K is not a good phone, if you have low budget and just need a smartphone for light usage you can definitely buy Celkon A35K.

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