Start Buying Moto G, Up for Sale on Flipkart for Rs 12499 and Rs 13999

Motorola has already announced the price details of the Moto G smartphone in Indian market and as stated in their earlier updates, the Flipkart has started selling out Moto G for an exceptional price of Rs 12499 for 8GB model and Rs 13999 for 16GB model. Do I even need to mention that this is perhaps the best price that you’ll be paying for this smartphone?

Buy Moto G 16GB on Flipkart

Buy Moto G 8GB on Flipkart

If you’re really planning to throw your old smartphone to grab the new one and if this is your perfect budget, you’ve got no better choice.

So, I know few of your questions and I’m gonna answer them up in this post itself. The very first and most important question is –

Why I should buy the phone from Flipkart and why now?

Flipkart is the only and exclusive partner who has the full rights to sell the phone in Indian market. Adding to that, Flipkart is offering some of the exciting offers on the phone which I’m really amazed to see. Not to mention, you’ll get genuine bill, full 1 year warranty and an exceptional price with lots of offers.

Now is the perfect time to buy Moto G from Flipkart and here’s the explanation to that.

It is highly unlikely that the phone will be available in shops/market or any other online retailers as Motorola has clearly mentioned that they are giving exclusive right to the Flipkart to sell the product in Indian market. They don’t intend to break that partnership with the Flipkart. So, even if the phone is available offline or in shops, the price would be slightly higher than that of Flipkart’s price.

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Moto G offers on Flipkart

Motorola has closed its operations in India. How will I get after sales support/service?

Well, you probably haven’t heard about the recent news. According to our resources, we have acknowledged that Motorola has set up 100 service centers across the country and it is planning to expand its network once again.

Will there be any impact of Google selling Motorola to Lenovo?

There won’t be any immediate impact as the deal will take another couple of months to close in. Till then, Motorola will continue to work under Google. Once the deal has been completed, Lenovo will take care of the company. It won’t put an end to the Motorola however, what’s interesting is they will keep the Motorola’s business separate from the Lenovo. In future, we might see the same Lenovo service centers being used by Motorola to provide after sales service. [That’s speculation for now].

When can I get Android 4.4.2 Update on my Moto G?

Though the device runs on the Android 4.3 Jelly bean, Motorola has promised Android 4.4.2 KitKat update which will additionally bring all the glory from Kitkat. As per my knowledge, Moto G has already started receiving Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update in some markets and it may just arrive in Indian market by the end of this month. Please note that Motorola has not commented on the time-frame of when the Kitkat update will be available in India yet but we do expect it by the February end.

If there’re any more questions/doubts or queries regarding the Moto G, feel free to add them up in the comments section below.

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