Here is how Android L looks like on Samsung Galaxy S5

It wasn’t a successful campaign (as expected to be) when Samsung started sales of its Galaxy S5 yet the device got a good number of customers. If you’re having this device right now in your hands then here is some good news for you. According to the recent leak from a genuine source, preview of Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android L build has shown us how exactly it would be. The exact launch date of Android L is still not known but it will arrive any day before December this year. As far as the nomenclature of Android versions is concerned, it’s expected that Android L will be named Lollipop but it’s still a rumor. Android L is going to bring huge change for each and every supporting Android device since it features Google’s most ambitious materialistic user interface.

The preview of Android L was already announced during last Google’s keynote but the one that has leaked, shows how worst it can go if it is not optimized properly.

Samsung Galaxy S5’s TouchWiz with Android L

After going through the video walkthrough, it seems like everything was working on the phone with considerable amount of lags. Samsung has finally opted for white color for its overall theme ditching blue color. Giving a fresh look is going to help them retain their customers but the lag that we see in the video is still a matter of concern.

Android L on Samsung Galaxy S5

Android L on Samsung Galaxy S5

Home screen consists of same apps which Samsung usually puts on every new device but now there is a set of Google apps, which is Google has asked every manufacturer to do.

Apps like dialer, notes, contacts, gallery, messages, etc have got fresh design which is simple and clutter free. The launcher itself seems to be improved and runs smoothly (at least) maintaining the materialistic feel. It’s still an early build and comprise of just few changes. It isn’t the final build so we can expect lots of major changes coming up.

Here is the full video showcasing the Android L on Samsung Galaxy S5. Though the video shows some lags while accessing various apps, I seriously hope that Samsung would get rid of them in the final build.

Talking about the specifications, the phone has got 16 megapixel camera at the back and 2 megapixel shooter in front. The phone currently runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and 1.9 GHz Adonis Prime 2 processor (well known as Exynos processor). THe device is available for Rs 37500 on various online retailers and I believe you can even find it for lesser price at shops.

On closing note, do let me know your views on this upcoming version of Android L on Samsung Galaxy S5 via comment section below. Personally, this build didn’t impressed me much but not to forget it isn’t final build.

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