Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update for Xolo Q1000 Opus starts rolling out

Xolo has eventually released Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update for Xolo Q1000 Opus in India. According to the sources, the update is now available via over the air as well as manual download from the company’s website. The update is sized at 235 MB and it is highly recommended that you should use WiFi to avoid extra data charges by carriers.

Xolo Q1000S

The Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update for Xolo Q1000 includes all the glory that is found on the Kitkat. There is huge improvement in dialer and downloads app. Additionally, the immersive mode and cloud print support has also been added through Kitkat update. You can also select the default SMS application from settings.

The Xolo Q1000 Opus was launched in December last year and it attracted the eyes of people in India. The main factor is the price point. It is currently retailing for the price of somewhere around Rs 8000. You can refer the table below for the price comparison on different online stores.

Talking about how to update your Xolo Q1000 Opus to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update, I would like to highlight that you will get the notification automatically on your device. If you haven’t received the notification yet, I would recommend you to wait for couple of days as the update might have been rolled out in the phases. Alternatively, you can download the update manually from Xolo support center.

If you’re planning to update Xolo Q1000 Opus manually, here is the step by step guide.

Android 4.4.2 update for Xolo Q1000 Opus – Manual Update

 Caution – Many users have reported that the update is buggy. Some of the bugs reported so far are “stuck on the boot logo, unable to turn on WiFi, graphics problems in some of the games” etc. It is highly recommended that you should wait for an official statement from Xolo. We are trying to contact them up and we will update this post as soon as we get any reply.

  • Download the update from company’s support center.
  • Rename the file with the name “” and don’t try to extract the content.
  • Now, connect your phone to the computer using USB cable and your computer should produce a tiny beep sound as it gets connected.
  • On the phone, you’ll see a notification like shown below.
    Xolo Q1000 Opus - Android 4.4.2 Update Instructions
  • Click on the “USB connected” notification which is highlighted in red in above screenshot.
  • Now, you’ll have a green android box being displayed on the screen. Click on the turn on USB storage and this icon will turn orange (refer the screenshot below).
    Android 4.4.2 Update instructions for Xolo Q1000 Opus
  • A new drive will appear on your computer screen (just like when you connect the pen drive).
  • Now, move the downloaded zip from your computer to the phone’s internal memory. Also, put it in the root directory i.e., outside of any folder.
  • As soon as transfer is complete, click on turn off USB storage.
  • On the phone, open “Xolo Care” app and in update tab, click on the “check for software update” button.
  • This will identify the package and you’ll get the popup as shown below.
    Xolo Q1000 Opus - Check for Update
  • Select the file and click on continue.
  • This will install the Android 4.4.2 update on your Xolo Q1000 Opus in no time.

If you’ve further queries, feel free to comment below.

Xolo Q1000 Opus - Back Covers

  • Puneet

    Don’t apply this update as post this update my phone was formatted: contacts, messages all gone. Wifi not turning on. And graphics for some games ( e.g.HayDay ) are blurred.

    Hope Xolo to fix it soon 🙁

    • Pavan

      Hi Puneet,

      Thank you for your feedback. Many users on Facebook have also reported unusual problems with this update. I’ve updated this article to caution the users about the same.

  • simar singh

    Xolo released some patches to fix the WiFi issues…I heard… So is it now safe to upgrade to kitkat version or should I wait? It is available as over the air download… Should I upgrade my phn now?

    • Yes, Xolo has released a subsequent update to address these issues. Till now, no one has reported any issues in the newer update. Therefore, I assume that most of the issues should have been rectified as the device was very unstable with the earlier Kitkat update.

      • simar singh

        So should I upgrade my phone to kitkat version? What do u suggest? Is WiFi working with the new updated version?

        • Go ahead, give it a try via OTA. If you don’t like it, you can always revert back by going into the service center. 🙂

  • Yatin G

    Can i install this Kitkat Zip update in my XOLO Q800 X-Edition? Reply Pls.

    • No Yatin.
      This update is specifically released for Xolo Q1000 Opus.

  • Sagar Modi

    i had updated kitkat in xolo q1000 opus on 14th may, after that wifi was not starting, so i sent it to service center, after 15 days they sent it to me with downgrade to jb 4.2.2. i am asking to customer care whether i should go for kitkat update or not. they advised me to wait. what do u suggest?? bugs are fixed or not?

    • We received inputs that the bugs were removed in the subsequent update that was pushed immediately after this update.

  • rajt

    can i downgrade without going to service centre as the kitkat version cant be rooted

  • Swapnil

    Can i install kitkat in xolo Q1000 (not opus)?

    • This update? No. This is specifically for Xolo Opus.

      • Swapnil

        where i will get update for xolo Q1000?

        • I don’t think Xolo has released any official update for Q1000 (not opus).

  • navi

    mere xolo q1000opus main koi app download nhi ho rhi hai jabki memory bhi puri free hai main mbl reset bhi kiya but still same problem

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